Do you require an electrical supply?

No, we only require space for our four music stands and instruments. We do not require chairs but space for storage of cases would be welcome.

How long can you play for?

Usually we play sets of 45-60 minutes followed by a short break, and can play up to three sets per event.

Can we hear the group play before booking?

Check out our audio page which has a selection of our recordings. Alternatively, you can come along to hear us at a rehearsal - just contact us to get in touch.

Can we request a favourite song?

Usually, our playlist is set before we arrive; feel free to contact us to see if we play the song you want. However, with enough notice we may be able to arrange a particular song for your occasion.

How much space do you require?

Enough room for four people (standing) with music stands will usually suffice, though space for storing cases is appreciated.

What styles do you play?

We play a wide range of music; mostly jazz and swing numbers, but we can also provide classical music and alternative instrumentation as a woodwind ensemble (including Clarinet & Flute).

How much does it cost to book Rhythm & Reeds?

Please contact us regarding all booking queries.